Community Meeting House Fall Panoramas

As I was walking around our condo community, I liked the Fall colors and clouds around our community Meeting House. This building is used for community meetings, concerts, church services and a few other gatherings. Because of Covid-19 it has been closed for quite a while, but it is still fun to photograph especially with some of the Fall Colors and bright blue sky. The Featured Image is a 2 vertical image panorama taken with an iPhone 11 Pro using the 4.3mm lens (Full Frame Camera Field of View is 26mm).

4 Vertical Image Panorama, iPhone 11 Pro, 6mm lens (Full Frame equivalent 52mm), Assembled and Blended in Photoshop
Meeting House, 2 image Pano, 4.3mm lens, iPhone 11 Pro
Meeting House, 5 image Panorama, 6mm Lens, iPhone 11 Pro

10 Comments on “Community Meeting House Fall Panoramas

    • Thanks Eliza! That is why we moved here! We liked going to New England areas to photograph, so we have that here in NJ! Plus it is a very quiet community.

    • Thanks so much Donna! Before the COVID lockdown they used to have a lot of concerts there plus other events. Plus outdoor concerts on the Meeting House lawns.

    • Thanks Steve! With the COVID restrictions we do a lot of walking! We supposedly have 48 miles of sidewalks to wander through in our 418 acre community.

    • Thanks Belinda! With dealing with the COVID restrictions we are not going to a lot of our favorite photo spots to photograph. So just trying to do local images to post.

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