Panoramas From Davidsons Mill Pond Park

We went to Davidsons Mill Pond Park to take a walk through the wooded area and see how the Fall colors were. The panoramas here were from the large pond on the Farm Road Trail. The featured panorama image was 6 handheld horizontal images, @ 24mm looking down the pond from the narrow end of the pond. For handheld panoramas I tend to overlap the images more than if I was using a tripod. When doing panoramas, the amount of overlap on the images determines the length of the panorama.

Another 6 image panorama, 24-105mm @ 24mm, Canon R. On this I shot images with less overlapping on images for a slightly longer panorama
Davidsons Mill Pond, Corner view, 3 Horizontal Images @24mm, Stacked Vertically
Davidsons Mill Pond, Corner view, 3 Horizontal Images, 24mm-105mm @24mm, Stacked
Davidson Mill Pond, Side view from trail, 4 Horizontal Images through opening in trees, 24-105mm @ 50mm
Fallen Branches on Path, 2 Horizontal images Pano, 24-105mm @ 105mm, Canon R

8 Comments on “Panoramas From Davidsons Mill Pond Park

    • Thanks Belinda! They are easy & fun to do! Photoshop does most of the work in making the handheld panoramas. After a few tries they are more predictable and work well!

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