Swallowtail Caterpillars At Davidsons Mill Pond Park

During our photo walk at Davidsons Mill Pond Park I noticed a few Swallowtail Caterpillars in the Milkweed Fields. Both images are 3 image focus stacks taken taken @ f/8, for a smoother background. When I am shooting Focus stacks with a m43 camera & the lens @140mm, I tend to use an aperture of f/8. This way I get a little more depth of field and a somewhat smoother background. I only have to shoot 3 images for the stack on a subject that is also moving. So my main subject in the image lines up better in the 3 stacked images. If I used more images because it is slowly moving the main subject would not line up with the backgrounds.

3 image Focus Stack, 14- 140mm lens @ 140 mm, f/8

13 Comments on “Swallowtail Caterpillars At Davidsons Mill Pond Park

  1. Wonderful captures, Reed, but oops, they are swallowtails, not monarchs (which are striped with no dots and have those cute crooked antennae). 😉 The tip off was the host plant, an umbell flower in the parsley/carrot family, not a milkweed.
    I particularly like the meadowy background in the second shot!

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