White Crab Spider In Garden

I was looking in our gardens for praying mantis photo subjects since our gardens & flowers are beginning to look a little worn now. We seem to have a large amount of mantises this year in a variety of colors and sizes. But as I was searching I noticed this White Crab Spider on the center of this flower. I was using an iPhone 11 Pro using the 16×9 image format with the Camera +2 app. The Camera +2 app seems to work better for getting closeup shots of subjects instead of using the standard Apple Camera app. It seems I can even get a little closer with this app. It also has a series of other shooting option selections. My favorite is the macro option in their series of options. When using the iPhone, I usually set it for the 16×9 format for taking images, plus it gives you more cropping choices while working  on your files. I also set Photoshop to open the jpeg images in Adobe Camera Raw to pull more detail from the iPhone files, which works quite well. I was not impressed with the HEIC Raw file option. Did not really see much difference in jpeg vs HEIC raw files, they just took up more space on the iPhone. It also enables you to fine tune the iPhone files and add sharpening, noise smoothing, etc. before you open them in Photoshop rather than trying to do this after the file is opened.White_Crab_Spider_v5_yard_iP11_4_3mm_lens_26mmFF_v2_camera+2_app

camera2 scrn_v1

Camera + 2 App screen (options)

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