Eastern Pondhawks

We went to Davidsons Mill Pond Park to take a walk and look for photo subjects. I was looking mostly for dragonflies, but found a few other photo subjects also in their fields of wildflowers and gardens. The gardens were locked because of Covid 19, but you could photograph through their fencing. Here are images I photographed of a male & female Eastern Pondhawk. I was using an Olympus OMD-1 with a Panasonic 100-300mm lens because I did not want to lug around my usual heavier gear. All the images here were photographed @ 300mm. Eastern Pondhawk_v1_male_DM_m43_300mm_MG_3738

7 Comments on “Eastern Pondhawks

  1. Beautiful shots, Reed. I always marvel at the gorgeous green of the female Eastern Pondhawks and of the males until they turn blue.

    • Thanks so much Mike! I have been traveling light lately because of the weight of the Canon gear and the extreme heat. Using m43 cameras lightens the load, but is somewhat of a compromise in image quality and autofocus. Plus manually focusing m43 lenses is awful. Using Adobe Camera Raw helps pull out more detail, but with the Canon Gear I can get a lot more out of the files. But it does seem to be getting a little cooler so I can get back to my usual gear.

      • The good news, Reed, is that you are managing to get out. With the pandemic and the heat, I find that motivation is a bit harder to generate than under more comfortable circumstances.

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