Straw Flowers @ Davidsons Mill Pond

When we were photographing dragonflies at Davidsons Mill Pond Park, I also photographed some flowers & plants in their fields & gardens that looked interesting. Because of Covid restrictions the main gardens were locked, but there were lots of flowers and plants in the fields. We mostly went to take a walk, so I was traveling light with an m43 Olympus OM-D mk1 Camera with a Panasonic 100-300mm lens. The featured image is 4 images @214mm and blended in Photoshop for the final image panorama.


Straw Flower, 300mm, m43 Olympus

7 Comments on “Straw Flowers @ Davidsons Mill Pond

    • Thanks Belinda! It is fun to see what you can find in the fields to photograph! And then try different ways to photograph what you find. Here I was trying to really blur the backgrounds so the flower stood out more.

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