Early Morning Canon Sunrise

I was going through old backup drives and found this image of a sunrise at a local Wildlife Area near my old home. I used to carry a small Panasonic LX1 pocket camera with me when I was carrying my main camera with a long lens. This was handy for wider view images and not have to lug a second larger camera. Now I just rely on my iPhone 11 Pro which does a much better job. Especially if you set the phone for HEIC Raw Images. While I was working on this file I never noticed before a bug on the tip of the lens by the sunburst ray. Panasonic LX1 image taken @ 6.3mm (full frame image equivalent ~ 32mm)

10 Comments on “Early Morning Canon Sunrise

    • Thanks William! It comes from getting there early in the am and waiting for the birds to start flying out or others flying in. And while waiting and being bored you tend to see other possibilities of interesting compositions. Or ways to show the area & environment.

    • Thanks Donna! At this small nature area you had to get there early to get a good spot to photograph from. So while I was waiting for the birds to fly in I was shooting the sunrise and then thought of shooting the camera with the sunrise.

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