Rain Drops On Evergreen Branch

After the a rain storm I noticed raindrops on evergreen branches above our sidewalk. I shot a few versions, then decided to shoot a panorama showing the new growth and the raindrops underneath. A 5 image panorama, shot with a Canon 7D with 300mm f/4 lens. It seems like Photoshop does better aligning the images in closeup panos with a longer lens, plus I get softer & cleaner backgrounds this way.


6 Comments on “Rain Drops On Evergreen Branch

  1. I thought about capturing some of the rain from yesterday’s Isaias visit but didn’t have the time before work this morning. But all is not lost. I can spend time with all the fallen branches. 🙂

    • True, True! A lot of large branches down here also. Luckily in our condo community the Landscapers do that. On our morning walk we saw minor damage here or there. But then we saw one condo where a tree had crushed one side of the roof. Also there might be more damage because it is a very large community.

    • Thanks Donna! We did well here. One huge branch came down but did not hit the building. In our Condo community from what we saw only one condo had a tree damage the roof. But a lot of branches, large & small, fell all over. But we have underground utilities here so we did not loose power. But 40% of the town lost power. And it will take a while to be able to drive to any stores for groceries.

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