Steamtown National Historic Site (part 1)

I was going through backup hard drives looking for an image an old client needed and I came across these images taken many years ago when a friend took me to Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, PA. I thought it would be interesting since it is hard to travel far for interesting destinations to photograph at the moment. Steamtown National Historic Site is a railroad museum and heritage railroad located on 62.48 acres in downtown Scranton, Pennsylvania, at the site of the former Scranton yards of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad. In non Covid times you can actually book trips on some of these to select destinations hours away.  I was not really interested in trains (they don’t have wings!), but he convinced me it would be a great day. And it was! It is an amazing place to photograph. Talk about Heavy Metal! I did not know what to expect so I brought a few lenses, but he laughed at me when I included a 70-300mm lens. In the end I only used a 24-105mm zoom. Probably should have included the 12-24mm, but with these huge subjects wide angle distortion would have looked strange. But it was definitely a fun day to Explore & Photograph! There were interesting subjects, details and trains all over the site. But my favorites were the rusting hulks in the storage train track areas waiting to be restored or maybe there for parts. But you have to be aware & careful because off in the rusting hulks there are active train tracks. In this post I will concentrate mostly on restored ones, but I will put in a few rusting ones! Tomorrow I will feature the rusting ones!

2 union Pacific 4012 display

Description of Featured train above – Union Pacific #4012


Front of Baldwin Engine 8

a_80I4697 72mm_f13_td

Drive wheel detail

Locomotive 24mm being restored_759_v1

759 in restoration area

a_80I4517 v3

Rusting “Old Passenger Car” on Storage Tracks

Railroad tracks_v1 24mm

Train Tracks out in Storage Area- sepia-toned

a montage

Head-on split image – Newer & Old Comparison Engines


Lackawanna Diesel – Restored


Turntable track to bays


Restored Diesel – 902 Reading Lines


Wider view #8 Engine


Restored Train in Roundhouse

Pano Tender

7 images @24mm panorama – Rusting Tender out in holding storage area


Bay Tracks to Storage Bays


Restored Old Mail Car


12 Comments on “Steamtown National Historic Site (part 1)

    • Thanks so much Belinda! It was an interesting place to visit! The museum was beautiful and well done. But my favorite images were from the holding “graveyard” on the tracks along side of the museum. A “lot of texture” and graffiti which was very interesting. Plus I was surprised they let you wander around active tracks. Just a sign saying watch for moving trains! Thanks again!😊

    • Thanks! It was definitely fun to photograph there! Different subjects than I normally photograph. Tomorrow I will post images of their aging unrestored trains out on the edge of the museum. They are either waiting to be restored or for parts. A lot of rust, graffiti and worn trains!

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