Flying Great Blue Herons

It seems like Great Blue Herons just glide along in flight for being such a large bird. They do have quite a wide wingspan from ~ 5.5 to 6.6 ft. They can cruise @ 20-30 miles per hour. So they are fun photo subjects especially if they are flying around a small lake and you have long lenses!MG_2565GBH_CF_MG_2830GBH_v1_CFMG_2831MG_2833GBH_V1 CF_MG_2817fmGBH_FltBy_MG_2707

15 Comments on “Flying Great Blue Herons

      • Actually that is what initially drew my attention and I was originally going to say the same thing but didn’t want to be a Star Wars nerd! Lol

  1. These are terrific flight shots. Their long skinny bodies and outstretched wings are really amazing. Looks like they are really having fun, doesn’t it?

    • I wish you had not brought attention to that rare bird sighting! Now it will be mobbed for people trying to find it!😊👍

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