Needham’s Skimmer Dragonflies From Blackwater NWR

Needham Skimmer Dragonfly images from a previous trip to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, outside Cambridge, Maryland. The featured image is a  Needham Skimmer Dragonfly made from 3 images, focused at 3 different focus areas on the dragonfly and blended in Photoshop. I focused on near wingtip, body, then far wingtip. Even at f/14 with a 300mm lens I only needed 3 focus areas to get a sharp dragonfly from wingtip to wingtip and still have a smoother background. If I stopped down more I would get a more distracting backgrounds, so focus stacking helps the dragonfly stand out more.

Needham's Skimmer_v2_FM_7img_300mm_1_4x_f14_7D_MG_4520Needham's Skimmer_FM_300mm_1_4X_7D f14Needham's Skimmer_FM_300mm__1_4X_7D_MG_5596Needham's Skimmer_v2_HP_300mm_1_4X_f14_7D_2imgNeedham's Skimmer_FM_7img_300mm_1_4x_f13_1_320sec 7D_v2



8 Comments on “Needham’s Skimmer Dragonflies From Blackwater NWR

  1. Lovely colourful set Reed, I’m impressed with the focus stacking you must be quick to get those shots off before they move.

    • Thanks so much! I find it easier to not use a tripod. So it is a quick series of images manually focused on the areas I need. Then loading the images into one layered file in Photoshop. Auto-align, then auto blend. So it is actually quite easy to do after you have done a few!

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