Ospreys In The Fog At Brigantine

These images were taken from a previous photo trip to the Brigantine Division of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville, NJ. We stayed overnight to get an early start the next morning, but we woke up to a very foggy morning. We carefully drove from the motel to the Refuge anyway thinking maybe it would burn off at sunrise. But the fog stayed for a while and I kind of liked the eerie foggy look of the Refuge in the fog. Adding contrast and opening up the shadows helped with the very flat light with the flying Ospreys against the foggy white background sky. It sort of turned them into a high key white background. It was sort of interesting to be the only ones there in such a large foggy area. All images shot with a Canon 400mm Canon DO lens, some with a 1.4x teleconverter with a Canon 7D to get closer for flight images.
Osprey_Nest_v1_fog_400mm_MG_4834-2Osprey_v1_Fog_400mmDO _7D_MG_4955Osprey_v1_Brig_Fog_400mmDO_1_4x_7D_MG_5454Osprey_Fog_400mmDO_1_4x_7D_MG_5455Osprey_Fog_v1_Brig_400mm_D)_1_4X_7D_MG_5436Osprey_fog_v1_400mm_1_4X_7D_MG_5286Osprey_Fog_400mmDO_1_4x_7D_MG_5441Osprey_Nest_Fog_400mmDO_1_4X_7D_MG_5575

18 Comments on “Ospreys In The Fog At Brigantine

  1. I really like these images. I agree, the fog adds something special, it’s a bit different than I’m used to with Osprey shots. It reminds me a bit of photographing Bald Eagles at Conowingo Dam in northeastern Maryland, where many times I’ve arrived to a completely fogged in river that only slowly clears as the hours wear on. I love your flight shots, that’s something I always enjoy seeing. Osprey are such amazing birds. Beautiful work, Reed.

    • Thanks so much Todd! Ospreys are fun to Photograph! My favorite though are still Bald Eagles! Never made it to Conowingo Dam yet. Always seemed to be super crowded! But I like photographing Eagles at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland.

      • I agree, every time I’ve been to Conowingo it’s seemed more crowded than the time before. I don’t get up there all that often anymore because of that. I still need to make the trip to Blackwater one of these days.

    • Thanks Eliza! They really make a lot of noise when a rival Osprey comes or gets too close to a nest! Then there is a lot of screeching chasing a rival off!

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