Female Great Blue Skimmer Dragonfly

I was photographing dragonflies at a local park when I noticed this female Great Blue Skimmer dragonfly off to the side. I quickly switched from the usual dragonfly subjects and got a few images of this one before it flew off. I was using a 400mm lens with an extension tube to be able to focus closer for Dragonflies. All images were taken @ f/11 giving a little more depth of field yet still have smoother cleaner backgrounds.Great Blue Skimmer_FM_DM_300_1_4X_v2_76A5733

Great Blue Skimmer_FM_V3_76A5723

6 Comments on “Female Great Blue Skimmer Dragonfly

  1. Wonderful images, Reed. I really like the way that you are able to get so much amazing detail, while also getting clean backgrounds. Although you get much less of the dragonfly in focus, my personal favorite is the middle one, the head-on shot.

    • Thanks so much Mike! I try different shooting “styles, techniques & effects” off and on. I guess it depends on my “mood” at the time. Never too old to try different ways to capture my subjects. After doing commercial work for over 50 years I enjoy shooting my personal images in a variety of ways & techniques.

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