Tree Swallow Nest In My Carport

When I was going to my car in the carport I noticed a Swallow flying in food to it’s chicks in a nest in the eaves of the carport. So I went to get a camera to photograph the chicks. The nest was in a very dark corner on the inside below the roof edge. Because of how dark it was and I was using a 300mm f/4 lens @ f/5.6, I upped my ISO to 3200 ISO to get a little higher shutter speed to get to sharper images in the dim light.
Swallows nest_4Swallows_nest_v6_076A3964Swallows nest v7Swallows nest v1 Carport_6 20076A3792Swallows nest v2_076A3789Swallows nest v1_076A3973

10 Comments on “Tree Swallow Nest In My Carport

    • Mama was very busy bringing them food! Almost non-stop! But it was such a tight space I could not see anything when she flew in.

  1. We have a robin nest in our garage every year which makes our overhead door unuseable, sometimes twice if there is a second brood. It gives them a safe place to nest out of view of predators and we get the pleasure of watching things develop.

    • That sound cool! At my old home Robins always had nests in the bushes by the front door. Which was fine because we never used the front door much! But they were fun to watch! We also had a lot of flickers which were more fun to photograph!

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