Painted Lady Butterflies

Here is a Correction on the ID of the Butterflies. Sorry about that! Thanks to those who brought it to my attention!! More Butterfly images. I am using the same post processing as some previous posts for smoother backgrounds. Again all these are shot with an Olympus m43 Camera with a Panasonic 14-140mm lens @ 140mm. This (sort of) gives you the field of view of 280mm on a full frame camera. Many times when we are just going for a walk, I take an m43 Olympus or Panasonic camera instead of my standard larger Canons. A lot easier to carry for a walk. They do seem to have more noise than the Canons, but easy to remove.






17 Comments on “Painted Lady Butterflies

  1. Reed, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I am pretty sure that your beautiful butterflies are Painted Ladies (Vanessa cardui) and not Common Buckeyes. The coloration and pattern of eyespots on a Common Buckeye is quite different– I love the way that you were able to capture your shots of the butterflies on such colorful flower perches.

      • No problem, Reed. I figured I should follow my old security training–if you see something, say something. 🙂

  2. Beutiful pictures, especially when you can see both sides of the wings. Mike´s reply is also correct, we had an invasion of these last year in Sweden. We call them Thistle butterfly. They arrived in thousands, but this year non has shown up. Wiki also calls them Cosmopolitan i North America.

  3. Beautiful captures, Reed, my favorite is the third one, really love the lighting on the wing patterns shining through. I don’t know butterflies very well, just a few, birds keep me busy enough on learning! 🙂

  4. I was a bit confused by the title in my email and then seeing the butterflies but then saw Mike’s comment and understood. We call those “senior moments” and I have several daily. 🙂 Nice shots of Vanessa cardui.

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