Great Egret Landing

A Great Egret landing in the early morning light at a small local lake. Image taken with 400mm DO lens with 1.4X teleconverter.

14 Comments on “Great Egret Landing

  1. Great job with the shadow contrasts in the feathers! It can be so difficult to not blow out the beautiful white birds to pure white. Love the feeling of movement portrayed in the photograph as well. William

    • Thanks William! White birds in full sun can be difficult for correct exposure without blowing out details in the whites. Also depends on which camera body I am using. Sometimes if It is too bright, but not fully blown out a little in the whites, I select the whites in Photoshop and make another layer with just the whites and use multiple or burn on that layer to bring out more detail. You then can adjust the opacity of that layer to where you like the whites. Thanks again!

  2. Lovely! I se you use the 1.4X converter. I have tried but are not so satisfied with the sharpness. Have to use a tripod for perfection also. You seem to managed this well. Sometimes I just crop the photo and about the same final results.

    • Hi Hans! When I use teleconverters I would add At least 1 additional f/stop to what I would normally shoot with the 1.4X teleconverter. So by using a 1.4x on an f/4 lens, I am now wide open @ f/5.6. So I would set the aperture to at least f/8. That is just a simple quick example. If a 2x teleconverter I would add 2 f/stops to help for sharpness. I have found that doing this helps the sharpness greatly. For more sharpness I would probably also stop down even more. But it all depends on what you are trying to achieve! Also, if you practice, and have good techniques, you do not need a tripod all the time. On really long lenses or heavy lenses a tripod is very useful. But just walking about with a 400mm & teleconverter I am very satisfied with handholding. Most of my imaging, even for panos or image stacking, are handheld. Thanks again!

  3. So beautiful photo! Nice balance. I am dreaming of the lens you are using! Mine is too short (200 mm) for bird shooting 😏

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