Misty Morning @ The Celery Farm Nature Area

The Celery Farm is a small 107 acre freshwater wetland in Allendale, NJ. There is a small lake, Lake Appert, so there is a wide range of birds to photograph in a somewhat confined environment. There has been 240 bird species sighted here with 53 species breeding there. The best times for photos were early morning and early evening. I used to like photographing Ospreys fishing here in the afternoon. The most I had seen there was 6 at the same time circling above. With the small lake it was great for photographers to get Ospreys diving in the lake for fish. Years ago it was a carp farm, so it was strange to see them flying off many times with a bright orange fish! If you walk the trails you can also find a wide range of birds and mammals. So you have a lot of photo opportunities in a relatively small area. Especially for flying birds.

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GBH_v1_CFMG_2831Incoming Swans_CF_MG_0942_MG_0303Wood_Ducks_MG_0853Osprey_FlyBy_v3_Brig_Y9F1924a


10 Comments on “Misty Morning @ The Celery Farm Nature Area

  1. Swans in a misty morning, WAU! You are lucky to live near such a place. I recognized Osbrey and swans, which also live in Finland. Could you tell me the name of the hawk? It looks like Goshawk, which also lives in Finland. Nice photos, thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks Minna! Unfortunately we do not live there anymore, but still go there here & there. The hawk is an immature Red-tailed hawk. Thanks again!

    • Thanks Eliza! Yes, those two herons we’re flying all over the small lake in close formation. They crossed paths multiple times and it reminded me of the X-winged ship from Star Wars!

  2. Awesome shots, great variety, Reed! The two herons in flight is pretty cool, I agree on it reminding you on the x-winged ship, lol.

    • Thanks Donna! It was an interesting morning for those images. It was like a choreographed dance with those 2 herons all over the small lake. It was fun to watch!

    • Thanks Steve! It was a great place for photographing birds! You never knew what might show up besides the usual subjects. Even had Bald Eagles fly in a couple of times.

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