Cormorants In Early Morning Sunrise

I was going through & cleaning up some backup hard drives. I found these images of Cormorants that were taken at a local small Wildlife Area where we used to live. The featured image is a 2 shot panorama of a Cormorant taking flight in the early morning sunrise. Images taken with a Sigma 300-800mm lens @ 800mm.


10 Comments on “Cormorants In Early Morning Sunrise

    • Thanks Steve! They are interesting photo subjects! If you watch them long enough they almost seem a little comical at times!

    • Thanks Greta! They are an interesting bird to photograph! They feed by diving under the water to catch fish, so you never know what they might come up with. I have seen them come up with a snake once and another when it came up with a leaf! Then it swam around displaying it!

    • Thanks Donna! These were at a very small nature area with a small lake. So early in the morning you had really nice colorful warm lighting for your photo subjects!

    • Thanks Eliza! At this small nature area, early in the am, you quite often got this nice warm light! So it was fun to photograph there.

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