New Growth On Evergreen Trees

It is interesting to see Spring’s Bright Green new growth on the evergreen trees by our sidewalk. The bright growth really stands out from the older branches. Also our flowers in the garden are starting to bloom. It is nice to see new growth and a new beginning with all that has been going on in the country lately. We seem to also have a semi-permanent resident Garter Snake in our garden now.

New Growth v2_MG_7729

8 Comments on “New Growth On Evergreen Trees

  1. I’ve been admiring some new growth as well on some treated Eastern Hemlock Trees.

  2. I love the ‘soft’ green that blooms, cool shots, Reed! Oh boy, I had a garter snake in my flower garden years ago, one day I grabbed him in with a pile of weeds, I almost had a heart attack, lol. Of course, I dropped/tossed him and ran! 😅 Never could get ‘fond’ of him that summer. 😂

    • Thanks so much Donna! I Really do not like snakes from my childhood experiences. But Garter snakes do not bother me. Would not want to pick one up though! I thought the shed skin was interesting! Especially how the shed skin looked. I almost got bit a couple times from Copperheads when I was fishing at local brooks when I was a child. So snakes are NOT my favorite photo subject!

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