Green Darner Dragonfly Laying Eggs In Small Pond

I was photographing this female Green Darner dragonfly that was busy laying eggs in a small pond. It spent a large amount of time doing this so I had plenty of time to photograph the activity. It covered a very large area in this fairly small pond. The featured image is a 2 image panorama to get the reflection of the Darner in the image also. The Darner seemed to be spreading the eggs in a very wide area around the small pond. I was using a Canon 400mm DO lens & some images were shot with an extension tube to focus this close on the female Darner dragonfly when it came too close for my minimum focus distance.Common_Green_Darner_lay_eggs_v1_43G6528Common_Green_Darner_lay_eggs_v1_43G6351Common_Green_Darner_lay_eggs_v2_43G6263Common_Green_Darner_lay_eggs_v1_43G6177Common_Green_Darner_lay_eggs_v1_43G6151Common_Green_Darner_lay_eggs_v1-400mm_43G5930

12 Comments on “Green Darner Dragonfly Laying Eggs In Small Pond

    • Thanks Eliza! I was surprised how long the Darner was taking to lay eggs! I guess I was photographing it for 20 minutes or so.

    • Thanks Belinda! Dragonflies & Damselflies are fun to photograph! Sort of a challenge to try to get the most detail over a small object!

  1. Thanks for your photos! I’ve never seen a dragonfly lay eggs before.

    • Thanks! It is interesting to watch. Some just fly in and are quick about laying their eggs and and others seem to lay eggs in a much wider area.

  2. All good but the first is outstanding. The reflection is so nice and the concentric ripples really nice. Love it, Reed.

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