Looking Up

This Great Egret landed on a pile of sticks out in the lake at a local Wildlife Refuge. It kept looking up and glancing around. At first I thought it was looking for a hawk that was screeching nearby. But then I saw a few Dragonflies buzzing around above the Egret. It is interesting to watch the Egret pick them out of the air as they fly by.

14 Comments on “Looking Up

  1. It looks like the egret has activated its target acquisition mode. The pose is fascinating, Reed, and the background is wonderful–a beautifully composed shot

    • Thanks so much Mike! It was fun to watch & photograph as it was picking the dragonflies out as they flew by. But liked this image best out of the series.

  2. Nice. If one didn’t know he was looking for dragonflies you might think he was pondering the universe. They have such knobby knees.

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