Damselfly Closeups

For extreme macro or closeup photography, especially for Damselflies, I like using old Canon FD or Nikon manual focus lenses with an adapter on micro 43 Camera bodies. A quick explanation is it sort of doubles the focal length simply worded. Or a more accurate description, the field of view (FOV) since it is only using a smaller center section of the whole image circle on the smaller sensor in m43 bodies. Also because the image is cropped on the sensor the depth of field is also a little more for that f/stop since it is only using a center area of the image circle. I use both Panasonic & Olympus m43 Camera bodies with adapters, but prefer the in-body stabilization of the Olympus body. You can find old Canon or Nikon manual focus lenses for very low cost online or eBay. Or if you are like me, have a bunch laying around from the “Old” days! So with the crop factor of m43 format, it sort of doubles the focal length of the lens. Or halves the field of view of the lens. Another advantage is a macro lens that goes to 1X can now capture on a m43 camera to 2X. The images here were photographed with a Canon FD 200mm macro lens, so the FOV is like using a 400mm macro lens.

Damselfly_v4_200mm_FS 3_img_FD_m43_1200515 v2Damselfly_v3_200mm_m43_HP schrp_1200428 copyDamselfly_v3 Dfine_FD200mm _1200532Damselfly_v2_200mm_m43_CU_1200787Damselfly_v2_200mm_m43_1200814Damselfly_v2_200mm_m43_1600_ISO_1200727Damselfly_v1_FD_200mm_1200573Damselfly_v1_200mm_m43_1600iso_1200525Damselfly_200mm_m43_1200814

8 Comments on “Damselfly Closeups

    • Thanks Eliza! It is fun to try different ways to photograph your subjects! The damselflies are only about 1.25 to 1.5 inches long. So when you are photographing them, even with focus stacking, it is hard to get them all in focus unless it is a side view. So I sometimes just focus on the head and let the body go softer towards the tail end. Also I tend to use m43 format cameras For photographing them because they are less “bulky” to get close to them!

    • Thanks Steve! My m43 bodies are like an old Erector Set toy! I can adapt almost any lenses to fit on them, plus they have a built in 2x image factor for most Camera lenses. Especially great for macro photography. Plus with the Olympus body, I have image stabilization on any old lens I adapt to it. Sort of fun to see what I can adapt to it!

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