Incoming Canada Goose

I usually do not photograph Canada Geese, but I thought this one coming right at me was an interesting view. It was strange seeing it looking at me as I was photographing it. This was taken years ago with the Sigma 300-800mm lens @ 800mm. Watching it coming at me I was wondering when it would turn. It finally did but was fairly close when it did turn.CanadaGoose_ v4a_80I9662


20 Comments on “Incoming Canada Goose

  1. Awesome shot with the goose coming right at you. The blurred background is magnificent–I love the stripes.

    • Thanks Mike! The blurred backgrounds are a lot easier at 800mm! The 300-800mm did a great job for that. But the Canon 400mm DO with a 2x teleconverter is a lot easier to carry! The Tamron 150-600mm also works fairly well with a 1.4x or 2x teleconverter if your camera will autofocus with it attached. Otherwise you have to manually focus but that is tougher on flying birds!

    • Yes! They can really do damage mostly to airplanes! More on takeoff or landing! I was walking down a path at a local Wildlife area and was attacked by one from behind. Hit me in the back of my head. Almost knocked me over! I did not know there was a nest a little further down the path.

      • Geese can be very intimidating. My sister used to raise them and I learned never to turn my back on them! Their pinching bite leaves huge bruises.

      • Especially so! I know some farms that use geese as watch dogs… nothing gets by them and they let the world know someone is coming!

  2. Lucky opportunity but skillful capture, Reed. I like the combination of feet and tail looking almost like one appendage. Lovely background too.

    • Thanks Steve! I just shot it because nothing else was flying where I was. Did not think I would like it. But it was better than I thought it would be. Usually don’t bother photographing Canada Geese!

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