Great Spreadwing Damselfly

I am still going through backup drives for images to post here. But at the same time I am also editing out images I do not need on my backup drives. Which is freeing a lot of room on these drives for more recent work. This is an image of a Great Spreadwing Damselfly. I was using a Canon 70-300mm DO lens (Diffractive Optics) at 300mm on a Canon 7D. I was surprised that lens worked so well on this subject. It is not the “sharpest” Canon zoom lens for fine detail, but is convenient, stabilized & lightweight to carry. Also much shorter, but wider than a “normal” 70-300mm lens because of the Diffractive Optics. It really helps to shoot “raw” files with this lens & use Adobe Camera Raw to pull out more detail and smooth out the nasties.



10 Comments on “Great Spreadwing Damselfly

  1. Nice pictures, I was wondering your further experience with this special DO lens ?
    It’s a 70-300mm in a very small housing and less sharpened than the L models but a lot cheaper to buy and less weight.
    Weighing to buy a second hand 70-300 DO IS lens or a 70-300 L IS lens or maybe a 100-400 L IS. I am using a EOS6D Mark II body.


    • Hi Pedro! I liked the 70-300mm DO lens. It was a little shorter than a normal 70-300mm but a little wider. If you do not shoot or work on raw files I would not buy the 70-300mm DO. I had both but usually used the DO. I sold my 70-300mm DO years ago, but might try to find another one. I do not think they still make it, so you would have to find a used one. The 70-300mm L would probably give you the best image quality. Hope this helps!

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