More Focus Stacked Raindrop Images

I am still going through images from past shoots. This is another series of closeup raindrops, focus stacked from front drops to further back in the bush they were on. I was using an Olympus m43 body with an old 200mm Canon FD manual focus macro lens with a m43 adapter. This gives me a FOV (field of view) equivalent to 400mm on a Full Frame Digital Camera. I usually start from the front in focus and then do a series of focus points going back to where I want to end. The featured image is 11 images @ f/8. I load all into layers in Photoshop, then let Photoshop blend all the sharpest areas into one file.


Closer up -7 Image Focus stack- concentrating on center area drops. 200mm Canon FD lens adapted to Olympus OM D camera

12 Comments on “More Focus Stacked Raindrop Images

  1. I love these images, especially the first one with all of the spider web strands in focus as well as many of the drops.

    • Thanks Mike! They finally opened up some parks by us so hopefully I can start to get some dragonfly images soon! On the focus stacking, I am still trying to get the “feel” of how far to focus behind the first “front” image. I guess it depends on the separation of the Drops. I do like them better with spider webs in them!

    • Thanks Donna! They are fun to do! Just have to go out after a rain and see what raindrops you can find! Then shoot a series shot wide open at different focus depths. Then layer them in one Photoshop file. Then let Photoshop align and the blend the layers for the final. Might take a few try’s to get the hang of it!

    • Thanks Alexa! They are fun to do! Because they are many shots at different focus points you really do not know what it will look like until you stack & blend them in Photoshop! Sometimes even I am surprised at the final image!

  2. That technique provides a wild effect, beyond what our eyes and brain perceive. Very creative and even mesmerizing! William

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