Panorama of Cormorant Take-Off In Early Morning Sunrise

Still going through my Backup Hard Drives for interesting images to post because of the stay at home order in NJ. Also helps to clear images not needed anymore and makes it easier to find images I want. Supposedly they will be lessening the stay at home order soon! This is an early morning, quickly taken, 2 image Panorama of a Cormorant taking flight from some branches in the water. 2 images shot @ 800mm and assembled in Photoshop. I liked the Black Cormorant against the warm colors of the sunrise in the water. Below another Cormorant, different Snag & Day – The Celery Farm Natural Area, Allendale, NJ.

cormorant 9F9417

Another Cormorant, Different Snag, 2 img Pano, 400mm f/4 DO w, 1.4x Teleconverter


16 Comments on “Panorama of Cormorant Take-Off In Early Morning Sunrise

  1. Both shots are wonderful, Reed, but that first one is stunning with the wonderful glow of the yellow water and the wings fully extended. It is amazing that you could get such detail at 800mm and were able to combine shots. I remember you telling me about the 300-800mm lens, which I recall is a real beast.

    • Thanks Mike! I was using a Canon 1 series body, shooting bursts with a high frame rate. We had a group of photographer friends that used to meet on Sunday at a small local Wildlife Area. So we had a wide variety of long Canon & Nikon lenses there to compare. I would say the Sigma equaled or surpassed the Canon (or Nikon) long telephoto lenses. But you really needed a heavy duty tripod. Also with the 300-800mm range I got images others did not get. I could zoom out to find a flying bird then zoom in to get my flight shots. The sharpness and clean images were amazing to work on. I do miss that lens, but at my age I am happy with the Canon 400mm DO with teleconverters!

      • Extra range always helps, but it generally comes with a cost, both financially and in weight. I know guys that say can shoot with a Canon 500mm F4 handheld, but that is probably at the extreme end of what is doable. As for me, I used to shoot with my Tamron 150-600mm handheld all of the time, but have taken to using it with a monopod whenever I can. There are some definite benefits of having a zoom when acquiring a moving bird–with a long fixed focal length lens, it’s like looking through a straw. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I usually shoot handheld with the Tamron unless I am using a Sigma 2x teleconverter. (The only one I found that fits the Tamron). Then I use a tripod. With the 2x teleconverter on, I usually use the Canon R and up the ISO. The Canon R has very clean files at much higher ISOs and still autofocuses with the Sigma teleconverter attached. Kind of fun to be able to go to 1600mm!

    • Thanks Belinda! I liked the Warm color of the water from the sunrise, so I blended the 2 images below the wings to have more color above the Cormorant.

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