Stay At Home Order Photography Subjects

Here is another blog for ideas for photo subjects during the Stay At Home Order. When it is nice out you can find lots of subjects in your yard as per my previous post a couple of days ago. But when it is raining or you are just tired of watching the depressing news, etc., this is a way to pass the time and have some fun indoors. Also to pickup another skill to add to your photography. You do not need special lighting or lenses, etc. These were all shot with an iPhone, but if you use a camera set the White balance for the lighting you are using. If you are using a Incandescent light bulb in a lamp, set the white balance to tungsten. If you are using sunlight through a window use daylight. Or maybe try the auto setting if not sure. The images of the Bleeding Heart flowers were just natural light coming through a window by our dining room table. Or you can take your setup outdoors and use natural daylight. I chose to use some print backgrounds I did previously for a macro workshop I did. Some were actual landscapes and others were just colorful backgrounds I designed in Photoshop and printed out. But you could just use a table top, fabric or anything that grabs your interest for a background. I prefer using interesting backgrounds that I print for this purpose. If using a camera instead of a phone camera you might need a tripod, but if you are close to a window with natural light it should be bright enough for handheld. The featured image and a few others were shot with my iPhone set to a 16:9 format for a longer image. The others were the standard iPhone format with camera set to jpegs, but for more control you might want to try HEIC raw format.






IMG_2042 copy


8 Comments on “Stay At Home Order Photography Subjects

    • Thanks Belinda! I was surprised the iPhone did that well with just ambient light inside. It was fun to see how well it worked. I usually use studio strobes to shoot still life or products so it was fun to see what the iPhone would do.

  1. Nice work, Reed. I tried using an out of focus backyard green printed background which gave the impression of our ideal situation for portraiture. I like your idea with the sky and clouds.

    • Thanks Steve! Before I retired, in my Commercial Studio we designed and made almost all our specialized backgrounds and we produced them ourselves. We had 5 wide format printers from 44” to 63 inches. So I guess it is a natural way for me to think of backgrounds. Thanks again!

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