Pink Wings

More Roseate Spoonbill images from our trip to Florida a few months ago. They are one of my favorite birds to photograph in Florida. They really stand out in the treetops and are fun to watch interacting with each other & other birds.


6 Comments on “Pink Wings

    • Thanks Donna! They do stand out in a crowd of other birds!! I am going through past trips to post images. Here in NJ we are told to stay home & not supposed to be out except for food, etc. They do not want us even going to a park. But we can walk outside our home but not too many do. Seems very strange out there!

      • It does seem strange. SC just went into ‘stay home’ law. We haven’t ventured out yet, but will have to in another week or so for essentials. I’m actually too worried to want to go out where people are with the upcoming ‘bad weeks’ they are predicting….

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