Sora Foraging

It was fun to find a Sora foraging in one of the channels at the Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge in DeLand Florida. They are a small secretive bird that forages for food in the shallow waters in the Refuge. This was the only one I have ever seen, plus have the opportunity to photograph. Usually they are hidden in the vegetation as they are feeding. They seem to constantly move pecking in the water looking for snails and other food. This was an interesting visit because I was also able to photograph the Limpkin on the same visit.Sora_LW_v2_400mm_1_4X_Y9F9020Sora_LW_1_400mm_1_4X__Y9F9021Sora_LW_1_400mm_1_4X__Y9F9014

10 Comments on “Sora Foraging

  1. These are fantastic photos, Reed! We have them in our area in Southern Palm Beach County, but they are always so elusive and well-hidden, as you describe. Even when I can’t see them quite well, it’s next to impossible to get such a clear excellent shot as you have done. How fortunate and unusual to see a Sora foraging right out in the open as this one is.

    • Thanks so much! I was surprised because I had never seen one before. It did seem very skiddish, but was very busy feeding in the shallow water, darting back and worth.

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