Foraging Limpkin

I photographed this Limpkin foraging for snails at the Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge years ago. I was going through backup drives cleaning out unnecessary files to clean up storage space and backing up other files. In the process I found these images of the Limpkin.  Limpkin_v2_LW_1_400mm_1_4X__Y9F8869Limpkin_v2_LW_1_400mm_1_4X__Y9F8826a

9 Comments on “Foraging Limpkin

  1. First to find a Limpkin, and then get that close… I’m quite jealous! Great shots. Keep them coming! Lots of time on my hands now. LOL

    • I know what you mean! I am going through external drives with images from previous outings that I have not used or gotten to before because of work getting in the way. Now that I am retired gives me something to do. Tomorrow will be Sora Images.

  2. Nice shots, Reed! I had to look this one up on as I am unfamiliar with it. Fascinating adapted bill for eating snails, winnowing feathers, and what a cry– yikes!

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