Bird Pattern In Ice

I am cleaning up some of my old backup drives, eliminating duplicate files and just generally deleting unnecessary files. And in the process, I also found interesting files to post here. I liked ice images I recently saw on Stephen Gingold Nature Photography Blog. I found a series of ice images from about 10+ years ago. So I thought I would post some here. The featured image was a 2 shot pano captured with a Canon 70-300mm DO lens @ 300mm, aligned & blended in Photoshop. Also the featured image was photographed in early morning cooler light. It reminded me of a Bird with the beak to the left.


Multi-Image Staggered Ice focus stack @ 300mm, 1.4x Teleconverter

Ice_Abstract v2_80I4877

Lower Section of “bird” Ice Montage @ 235mm


Ice Detail @ 300mm


Ice Patterns @ 300mm


Ice Patterns @ 300mm


12 Comments on “Bird Pattern In Ice

  1. Stunning compositions, I instantly saw the bird, followed by a palm frond, another bird, a fish, a chicken, and finally a starburst. Love this! (Hey, can you see the chicken? hee hee)

  2. Nice collection, Reed. I like them all, nope don’t see the chicken either 🙂 , but especially the fourth with the nice spire-like structures.

      • I still do not see it! I think the oak leaf looks like. Breaching Whale! But I tend to see thinks differently than most!!

      • Donna will have to straighten us out. but I think it’s the ice above and to the left, not the leaf itself… unless it’s the off-white thing behind the star pattern in the last. Paging Donna! 🙂

    • Thanks so much! They are fun to photograph! It is interesting to see the patterns and framing you can come up with. I tend to like including natural elements in with ice patterns to add interest and scale.

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