Female Anhinga Reflection Panorama

We were photographing this female Anhinga at J. N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge and I really liked the Anhinga’s reflection and wanted to include it in the final image. So I shot 2 images to combine in Photoshop. I manually aligned the 2 images (300mm) and did a soft edge mask to blend the 2 images into the final image. Sometimes when you blend 2 images automatically in Photoshop, it distorts or greatly skews one of the layers so it looks strange. So manual alignment sometimes works best.


Closer Image, Single Female Cormorant Image with 400mm Canon DO lens with 1.4x Teleconverter , Canon 7D

9 Comments on “Female Anhinga Reflection Panorama

  1. So stately and proud! When we were in the swamp the last few days, my young daughter was trying to identify the difference between Cormorants and Anhinga’s from afar. I told her, “The cormorants seem goofy, like a water chicken; but the Ahningas appear proud and inteligent, if that makes any sense.” It must have made sense because she was nailing it after that! (No offense to the comorants… they are special in their own way, lol). William

    • I agree! Cormorants do not seem as coordinated in their movements. Anhingas seem more “stately” plus a very pointy beak! They also seem to really hold on to thin branches!

  2. Excellent image of the wing span and detailed feather structure, Reed. The reflection make sit even better but I actually like the close up even more.

    • Thanks Steve! Sometimes I can not pick a favorite to post, so I include 2 or more images. Also to show different ways to show your subjects.

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