26 Cormorants Panorama

The Winter months give me an opportunity to go through images I have not worked on before. This is a multi-image panorama from a past trip to the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in New Jersey. I thought it was interesting to see so many Cormorants lined up on these small pilings. Many times you see large groups even bigger than this group swimming in the channels here, but never saw this many in a group on pilings. 5 Images shot at 800mm, aligned and blended in Photoshop.

11 Comments on “26 Cormorants Panorama

  1. Your panaroma shots are inspiring me. I’ve done landscape panoramas… I’ve done bird photos, but hadn’t the thought to tyr

    • Thanks! They are fun to do! Plus Photoshop does most of the aligning and blending. Also getting older I only carry 1 main camera with a long lens and maybe a m43 camera with a wide to short telephoto lens. Then I rely on shooting panoramas to get my wider shots. Also when shooting wide I like having more detail in the main center area instead of using a really wide lens and have too much sky or foreground areas. Plus sometimes I print Very Large so I have more detail for large prints.

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