Another Lake Woodruff NWR Landscape

Here is another 2 image iPhone Landscape panorama from our visit to Lake Woodruff NWR in Florida. The 2 images were brought into Photoshop on 2 separate layers, then I let Photoshop align and blend them into one final image. In this image if you look closely you will see 9 Black Vultures on the path. The images were shot with the 4.3mm lens (full frame FOV equivalent would be 26mm). In previous visits years ago the vultures would sometimes follow you around on the paths. When this first happened it was a little unnerving to have a large bunch Vultures follow you for a quite while. As we walked they were making a hooting noise. At least this time they flew away if we walked close.

10 Comments on “Another Lake Woodruff NWR Landscape

  1. Yeah, vultures would make one a little mindful of what their intentions might be. Guess the secret is don’t lie down and play dead. Even though they are there, I’d love to walk through this image.

    • Thanks Steve! It is one of our favorite places to photograph! It is nice since it hardly has other people visiting so you can get clear shots with no one in the way. You will see a couple here or there, but nothing like a Ding Darling NWR where you see 50 people photographing the same scene.

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