Red Fox @ Bombay Hook NWR

During one of our trips to Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge we saw this Red Fox walking towards us. We were out of the car photographing birds so I started taking photos of the fox. We have seen foxes before but they usually did not come close to us. But when it was about 8-10 feet away, we decided to get back in the car. It sort of looked at us and just kept walking by. I was using a 400mm lens with a 1.4x Teleconverter so this image is just cropped a little on the top to remove some background when I was setting up the file for a print.

13 Comments on “Red Fox @ Bombay Hook NWR

    • Thanks so much! I was surprised the Fox came that close. Even when we got back in the car since it was getting so close, it still walked Right along the car and looked up at us. Then moved on.

  1. I’ve been collecting all the National Park quarters that have been released over the last few years. The Bombay Hook quarter from 2015 is one of my favorites. Now, seeing your photos and journal, I’ll have to put it up higher on the bucket list priority! Thanks for sharing! William

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