6 Image iPhone Panorama

On our trip to Lake Woodruff NWR in Florida I relied on my iPhone 11 Pro for my wide angle or panorama images. I am really liking the quality of the images I get from it for my panoramas. It was a lot easier to walk the trails without carrying 2 larger cameras. Especially in the warm Florida heat. The above featured image was taken with the 1.5mm lens (Full Frame Camera Field of View equivalent would be 13mm). I do not use the panorama feature much on the iPhone 11 Pro because of distortion in the iPhone panorama image on the ends of the image and some warping in the middle of the image. I prefer to shoot a series of regular individual images and then assemble my panorama in Photoshop which reduces the strange “warping” in the center and on the far ends. Plus I get very large files for printing.

8 img pano_v1_iP11_4_3mm

8 image iPhone Panorama, 4.3mm lens (Full frame FOV 26mm)


3 image iPhone 11 Pro Panorama, 1.5mm Lens (Full Frame FOV 13mm)

Below are examples of Panorama Warping when using the Panorama feature on the iPhone 11 Pro. The wider the lens you select, the more distortion in the file. The ends are farther away so you get a “bowing look” in the middle. And the ends “fall” back away giving a bending look. Plus when shooting individual images for the panorama or stacked panorama, I get a very large detailed file for printing.


4 Comments on “6 Image iPhone Panorama

    • Thanks Steve! I used this and other techniques a lot in my Commercial Work. It seems on the iPhone you have to overlap more for better results. But it is fun to get large files from an iPhone!

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