Cormorant Portraits, Sunning On Treetops

We saw a quite a few Cormorants sunning on the top of trees as we were walking the trails on our trip to Lake Woodruff NWR. The featured image was taken with a 300mm f/4 lens. I liked the strong sunlight on the Cormorant enabling more detail in the dark black bird. The images here were 2 different cormorants from different tree branches.Cormorant_v1_LW_7D_300mm_MG_0257

Additional Cormorant Images:


Cormorant @ 273mm


Cormorant @ 375mm


Cormorant @ 375mm


Cormorant @ 375mm


Cormorant @ 309mm

16 Comments on “Cormorant Portraits, Sunning On Treetops

    • They were on branches near the top of 2 different trees that were that were next to each other. So they probably felt pretty safe up there.

    • Thanks Mike! I was using a Canon R which does very well especially with dark or black birds. The files have amazing & fine detail compared to other Canon cameras I own! Especially with the R raw files!

    • Thanks Belinda! The Canon R Raw files are amazing. Lots of shadow detail and very clean files. Better than any of my other Canon Bodies. You just have to get used to other issues!

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