14 Image iPhone Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge Landscape Panorama

For this landscape I used the 1.5mm lens on the iPhone 11 Pro and shot 14 images. (Full Frame Camera Field of View equivalent is 13mm). I brought the files into Adobe Camera Raw to adjust the files and pull out detail and balance my settings. Than I open them into one layered Photoshop file with each image in a layer. Next in Photoshop I align and blend Automatically the 14 images into one final blended image. I still have layered sections and save the layered file just in case I need to touch up something. Then I flatten the image for the final image.

8 Comments on “14 Image iPhone Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge Landscape Panorama

    • Thanks so much! They are actually fun to do! But you tend to have to shoot more images than on a full frame camera so they align better without some strange distortion on a layer.

    • Thanks Donna! They are fun to do! Plus it is a lot easier than carrying 2 cameras! I usually used to carry 1 camera with the 400mm or 150-600mm lens and then a second with a wide zoom to short telephoto range or a close focus 300mm lens. The iPhone lightens the load and makes it easier!

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