7 Image iPhone Panorama

Here is another panorama from our visit to Lake Woodruff NWR. This panorama is made from 7 images shot with the 6mm lens on an iPhone 11 Pro (Full Frame Camera Equivalent Field of View would be 52mm). Even though the iPhone can shoot panoramas, I do not like the strange “bowing” you get in the middle of the image using the pano feature in the iPhone because the ends of the panorama are farther away and distort more because of the small lenses in the iPhone.

1 of 7 Pano LW _IMG_1788

1 Image showing detail

4 Comments on “7 Image iPhone Panorama

  1. I’ve not yet shot a pano with the iPhone 11. But I usually allowed for the bowing and cropped in Snapseed. In the furture I intend to download from the phone but that’s for another day. Your processed image looks good.

    • Thanks! I am used to using Photoshop for my panoramas, so it is a natural choice for me to continue doing them with my iPhone images. It actually works quite well for multi- layered stacked in rows images. Plus they are fun to do! I will be posting more complex iPhone panos soon.

    • Yes, it was a fun trip! It was a spur of the moment decision to go. Since it was not planned we played it by ear. Not realizing that all motel rooms were booked solid for about 75 miles around Lake Woodruff for some special event going on. So we made the most of the days we were there! But there was so much to photograph it worked out well!

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