American White Ibis From Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

When we were in Florida we took a short trip to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge which is just east of Titusville.. By the time we got there it was cloudy with light rain. Not my favorite NWR, but it was still interesting to drive through their Wildlife Drive and see large groups of American White Pelicans, Cormorants, Egrets and the usual Florida Birds. Because of the rain we only made 1 pass through. Featured image @ 600mm (Tamron 150-600mm)


Different Group of Ibises further down the Wildlife Drive as the day was getting darker as we went along the Drive. Image taken with CanonR @ 375mm w/ Tamron 150-600mm lens.


8 Comments on “American White Ibis From Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

  1. Great shots, Reed. I just noticed that your were using the Tamron lens on the EOS R. Do you have any issues with balancing the long lens on a smaller mirrorless body? The results suggest this is not an issue for you.

    • Thanks Mike! We decided spur of the moment for the trip so we traveled light. Usually I would have a car full of equipment and backups. The R has great detail in the files and is very clean smooth images. The Tamron works extremely well on the Canon R. Balance does not seem to be an issue fo me. Most of the weight is the lens so the main weight seems balanced where my left hand is holding it. All my images on this trip were handheld. Usually I would have used a tripod but carrying all that through the Refuge would have been a lot. The Tamron even with a 1.4x teleconverter works well. You just have to find one that fits on the Tamron. I have a wide assortment of teleconverters and the Sigma 2x works extremely well with the R, even with autofocus for stationary subjects. Handy to have a 300 to 1200mm lens in some situations. I can also stack a 1.4x on the Sigma 2x and still get autofocus on stationary subjects. Thanks again!

    • Thanks Donna! It was an interesting place to photograph, but We like to photograph in Lake Woodruff NWR much more! But since we were down there we went on their Wildlife Drive.

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