What Big Eyes You Have


It seemed the first pair of Sandhill Cranes were quite curious about us. They walked right up to us and sort of stared at us as if they were checking us out. We were a little nervous at first as they were that close and they were very large birds. But after that they sort of kept up with us as we were walking in that area and we welcomed their company as we walked. Then they went off on their own in a different direction.Sandhill_Crane_Portrait_v2_7D_300mm_MG_8234-RecoveredSandhill_Crane_Headshot_v1_300mm_7D_076A2494

Sandhill_Crane_Portraits_v1_LW_7D_300mm_076A2503Sandhill_Crane_Headshot_v3_300mm_MG_7308Sandhill Crane Head_detail_v2_LW 1 20

16 Comments on “What Big Eyes You Have

    • Thanks Eliza! Once you got used to them being so close they were fun to be around. We tried to not get too close, but they would just walk up to you or pass by at close range. It was still weird since they were about 4 ft tall and being that close to you. Plus they would really stare at you with those “Eyes”.

  1. These are sensational shots of this sandhill crane! What personality you’ve captured here! I saw a couple recently but the lighting just wasn’t great….

  2. I don’t think this is what is meant by “bird’s eye view” but it certainly could be. What a goof the first one appears to be. 🙂

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