Marsh Rabbit

While we were walking the trails at Lake Woodruff NWR, we saw a few small rabbits. Looking them up they seem to be Marsh Rabbits. Marsh rabbits are typically smaller than Eastern Cottontail Rabbits. Adults from the Florida peninsula weigh approximately 2.2–2.6 pounds with a total length upwards of 17 inches. The hind feet of the average mainland marsh rabbit is also larger, at 3.6 inches compared with 3.5 inches for the typical Florida Marsh Rabbit. The featured image was taken @ 600mm.


Marsh Rabbit @ 600mm


Marsh Rabbit @ 428mm


Marsh Rabbit @ 600mm

8 Comments on “Marsh Rabbit

  1. Fascinating images, Reed. I have never even heard of this species. I was particularly struck by the rabbit’s ears that seem to be much shorter than those of the cottontails that I am used to seeing.

    • Thanks Mike! They are cute rabbits! Saw a few there in the distance, but this one was busy chewing on the grasses close by. I had to look it up on a site that details the Refuge and found the proper name. Apparently they are mostly in Florida! It did not see to be wary of people, but kept chewing away! Can not wait to go back there! One of our favorite spots to photograph. But as always some days are Great and other days are a little quiet. We planned for a few days, but rooms were booked everywhere for some other event going on.

  2. The first one looks a bit possessed. Nice to see the bunny nibbling at the grasses.I guess a marsh rabbit is a bit different from a March hare.

    • The first image was when we first saw the rabbit. So it was probably worried about what we were stopping for or maybe Were were getting too close!

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