Sandhill Crane 5 Image Panorama

Another panorama from Lake Woodruff NWR. This time is a 5 horizontal image panorama, stacked for a vertical image.  I was using a 300mm Canon f/4 lens. It was strange on this trip that they seemed to not be wary of people. They would walk right near you as they were feeding in the grasses or walking by. It was definitely a fun trip!

4 Comments on “Sandhill Crane 5 Image Panorama

    • We have been here many times over the years! But this is the first time they were not wary of people! At least the ones that flew in and approached us closeup! Then they followed us around for quite a while! It was strange to see such a large bird right by you. The next day we did not see any closeup, just in the distance or flying by.

    • Thanks Donna! This trip gave me lots of practice making Sandhill Crane panoramas!! Luckily most of them turned out ok. Plus I can make life size prints of them!! But probably would not look right with our decor!!

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