American Alligators @ Lake Woodruff NWR

On our trip to Lake Woodruff NWR we saw quite a few American Alligators in the channels along the paths. In other years we saw more, but they are not my favorite photo subjects, so it was fine for me. This is a closeup Head shot that was taken along one of the channels near the entrance. Other years we saw them on the paths or the shoreline. But this trip they were mostly in the water. It was hard to get good shots of them because of the reflections of the grasses and other plants along the shoreline which made the background busy looking.

Alligator_v2_softer Bkg_LW_1_20_7D_600mm_MG_0373

Same image as the featured image with a feathered in softer background



American Alligator @ 600mm


American Alligator with reflections of the grasses in the water @ 200mm

6 Comments on “American Alligators @ Lake Woodruff NWR

    • Thanks Donna! When we first went there years ago it was a little unnerving to see them on the edges of the water! Now you just do not think about that!

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