Belted Kingfisher Fishing

I am cleaning up and going through my external hard drives and came upon this image of a Belted Kingfisher trying to catch a meal, photographed years ago. This is an image as it hit the water. It is interesting to see the large water splash from the impact of the small Kingfisher! Unfortunately it is a severe crop because it was on the other side of a small lake, but I still thought it was interesting to see. So please excuse the “roughness” of the image!

13 Comments on “Belted Kingfisher Fishing

  1. Love the kersplash. Not every image has to be tack sharp to deliver a pleasing view. It’s a great capture of the action even if it might not pass a pixel peeper’s review. Their opinions are over-rated. 😀

  2. I love this shot, Reed, and marvel at the size of the splash–maybe it was the equivalent of a belly flop. Kingfishers seem to dive at a steep angle and in my experience are really hard to photograph, because of their size and speed.

    • Thanks Mike! Yes, usually they are diving at a steep angle. This one went in at a lower angle. Just wish it was a little closer instead across the small lake!

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