Anhingas In Trees

I was walking along the Wildlife Drive at the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge when I came upon this Anhinga. We tend to like walking along the Drive because you see more wildlife and have more opportunities for getting interesting photos. Plus you are not in the middle of large groups of photographers photographing the same subject at some of the main photo hotspots there.

Anhinga_v2_DD_420mm_v1_1_20 sec HandHld_MG_4450


8 Comments on “Anhingas In Trees

    • Thanks Belinda! The Anhinga was mostly in the open with early morning light on the bird. So I seemed to get quite a bit of detail on the body. Especially since it has a very dark body.

    • I never saw one in a tree or bush either. On this day I saw 2 in trees but the 2nd was more hidden. I wonder if the strong sunlight changed the color somewhat of the eye in the featured image?

  1. Nice shots, Reed! This is a bird I forgot about getting to see in Florida, and I’m finding them in abundance around the Everglades! I took quite a few today. An elegant bird! 🙂

    • They are fun to photograph! They are more interesting than Cormorants! Really like the sharp beak! Plus I think they are a larger subject!

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