Anhinga Fishing – Diving In

While I was photographing Pelicans at J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, I noticed this Anhinga flying in and diving into the water going after a fish. They must have great eyesight! The featured image is out of sequence in the series showing when it first started to hit the water. The series below was when the Anhinga was flying in to get its meal.


6 Comments on “Anhinga Fishing – Diving In

    • Thanks! We had flown there for this visit so I was traveling extremely light with 1 smaller camera body & 2 lenses. So I did not have a fast frame rate & autofocus for this series. So I was happy I got what I did!

    • Thanks so much Belinda! It is rare when a bird comes straight at me and be able to shoot the sequence. I was traveling light so I was using a camera with slower frame rate so I did not have a lot of frames for the sequence.

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