Robber Fly Macros In Studio

A few years ago, I had a group of photo friends meet on the weekend at my studio to shoot some macro setups instead of going to a local Wildlife area and freezing in the cold. We usually looked around for interesting subjects and found this deceased Robber Fly on a window sill and used a piece of bark as a background. Also it was a way to show different techniques in a controlled setup. I wanted a strong fly shadow so I setup the studio flashes for a 4 to 1 power ratio with the main strobe (a focusing spotlight) lighting the fly & giving the shadow and the softboxes filling in, but keeping the shadow of the fly. The featured image was shot @ f/8 to keep the backgound softer so it did not detract from the fly subject. Image taken with a Canon 100mm macro lens.

Bug 100mm_macro_6_sht_f14_v1 copy

6 image stack, 100mm, f/14, 1/125 sec.


This Robberfly image and the featured image captured @ 1/125 sec @f/8. I wanted the background to be softer


adjusted lighting ratios for a more dominant shadow

7 Comments on “Robber Fly Macros In Studio

  1. Nice setup, Reed. Funny how insects can still look lifelike while not. I just picked up a Laowa 25mm 2.5-5 macro but won’t be doing insects, dead or alive, for a little while yet. I’ve other plans for it though.

    • Thanks Steve! The Laowa is supposed to be a great lens. Plus 25mm gives a little more depth of field which comes in handy at that magnification! Can’t wait to see your images with it! It should work well with focus stacking also!

    • Thanks Donna! It is fun to try different ways to photograph your subjects. Especially in colder months! Plus you have control over pretty much everything!

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