Bald Eagle Close-Up Flyby

I am going through my array of backup hard drives to cleanup and remove unnecessary files and make more room to add files. Also to go through and see what sessions I my not have worked on. I was surprised to find this image of a Bald Eagle from many years ago from a trip to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge Maryland. It flew out of a tree along the Wildlife Drive. I was photographing a different view when I noticed this Eagle fly out of a tree on my side. So I quickly tried to get a shot but just managed to lock on to get this image in focus. I was shooting verticals so I did not have time to change orientation before it changed direction. I have learned that photographing Eagles tail views are not my favorite images. Eagle image shot with a Canon 400mm Canon DO lens with 1.4x Teleconverter on a Canon 1D MkIII Camera body.

6 Comments on “Bald Eagle Close-Up Flyby

  1. Stunning close-up, Reed! Great find going through old shots, I may resort to going through some of mine during the Holidays since I probably won’t have time for any birding. Although I am going to try to visit Bombay Hook NWR when I’m in that area for a couple days, fingers crossed. The Snow Geese have arrived there!

    • Thanks Donna! Just trying to clear up space and clear out files I do not need. We were at Bombay Hook a few months ago and many of the pools were dried up for some management reason. So most birds were far out In pools that had water. But if those pools are still dry, that might attract large groups of Snow Geese to those dried pools. There was one really large area close to the road with water and that had lots of flocks of a variety of birds there which was great for photographing them. But even at 1200mm, I had to do considerable cropping for single birds or small groups. Another NWR that is good for large flocks of Snow Geese is the Edwin B. Forsythe NWR, Brigantine Division in Oceanville NJ. Can’t wait to see your images!

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