28 Great Blue Heron Landscape Panorama

Since the weather got colder I have been going through old files that I have not worked on before. I started with files from about 10 years ago taken at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, Brigantine Division in Oceanville, NJ. The featured image is a panorama made with 14 images shot back then with a Canon EOS1D MkIII with a 400mm Canon DO lens showing 28 Great Blue Herons. Images (Raw files) shot handheld, and final image assembled,aligned and blended in Photoshop.

GBH Pano 1 img example_80I2680

Example of 1 image of the 14 images used for the panorama

GBH_11 GBH_5img Pano_v1_BWR

Smaller Panorama showing 11 Great Blue Herons. I tried first with 5 images before working on the larger version  (Can you find the 11?)

6 Comments on “28 Great Blue Heron Landscape Panorama

    • I called ahead and told their agent I was coming down and would like a group shot! Actually this is along a two way section of the Wildlife Drive near the entrance before the Wildlife Drive is a one way through the Refuge. It is very sunny in the early am and you can get quite a group there. It is also a great place to get Ospreys fishing here in the warmer months. Plus a variety of other bird subjects in the water. And if you turn around you can get groups of birds flying out with the sunrise.

    • Usually you do not see that many in a lineup on the shore line. They would have some in the trees and or scattered across the pond. When we go there we drive on that small loop to see what is gathered there. You can get quite a variety of birds, turtles, etc. swans, hawks, Ospreys, ducks and other types.

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